Those looking to trade in mobile phones and upgrade to newer, more advanced devices have been urged to proceed with caution when it comes to insuring them.

James Atkinson, editor of Mobile Magazine, told the Daily Telegraph that purchasing cover at the same time as buying the device itself may not always be the best way forward, as it is often the case that buyers are not in the right frame of mind to make such a decision.

“There is a lot of emotion involved when buying the latest mobile or gadget, so people's judgement can sometimes be a little clouded at the point of purchase,” he stated.

Mr Atkinson's comments come after research from GiffGaff revealed that around 5.7 million people in the UK take out mobile phone insurance without realising that they may be covered under the terms of their home insurance.

Nicholas McQuire, research director at the International Data Corporation, said recently that smartphones will soon usurp PCs to become the most popular gadget in people's lives.

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