Telstra considers smart meter system for mobile phone

Mobile phone users with the network Telstra could soon find themselves charged more on their monthly bills if attempts to introduce a smart meter is confirmed.

The amount of data and applications that people are downloading through smartphones and tablets is growing so fast that mobile phone networks may struggle to handle demand in the next ten years so they are taking precautions to temper this, the Herald Sun reports.

Telstra is considering a smart meter style plan to offer those willing to pay for the best access to the internet via mobile phones, while others will be encouraged to be “less sensitive” to the time and use of the device.

Chief technology officer Dr Hugh Bradlow said if people are going to use a voice service such as Apple's Siri they may be willing to pay more to ensure they hear the conversation more clearly.

“I think some people will end up paying less because they are less sensitive to the time and use of the thing,” Dr Bradlow said.

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