Wait a month to buy a mobile phone and pocket cash

Mobile phone buyers could save money by waiting at least a month for prices to drop, according to OzBargain.

The website looked at data from the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S, and HTC One X sales.

Buying a smartphone outright as soon as it is released can be expensive. OzBargain found that Samsung and Apple handsets all started off costing almost $800.

The HTC device was priced at around $600 when it was released in April 2012.

However, prices for the iPhone dropped by ten per cent just one month after the handset was put on sale.

Customers who wait even longer to get their hands on the latest smartphones could benefit even more – four months after they hit stores, the S3 was 26 per cent cheaper, the cost of the S2 was 23 per cent lower and Aussies buying the One X saved 17 per cent.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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