Carphone Warehouse to post updates on new Nokia 3310

Carphone Warehouse has opened an online registration form for those eager for more information on the upcoming release of the retro Nokia 3310. 

The sign-up is a non-committal registration, keeping you up to date with dates, features and discounts. 

The news of the re-release of one of the most popular pre-iPhone models was announced at this year's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. The price of the new updated model is set to be around the £40 mark – a bargain compared to more expensive phones people have been purchasing in more recent years. 

The model will not be marketed to those who don't have a mobile phone, but as an additional device for festival goers and campers who need prolonged battery life when away from home for extended periods of time. While there is no confirmed release date, it is touted to be in the second quarter of this year – between April and June. It is likely to be before the summer when the festival and camping season kicks off and is set to manufactured in a range of colours including blue, red, grey and yellow. 

Carphone Warehouse has stated that the interest in the phone has been astonishing, though whether people actually follow through and purchase is yet to be seen. Andrew Willow, the UK director of buying at the phone franchise, said: “There has been an astonishing groundswell of interest in the Nokia 3310 following the launch announcement of this reimagined classic.”

According to reports searches for the vintage favourite has rocketed – rising 797% since the news hit the headlines. Interest in carrier networks has shot up, indicating that people are actually looking to buy the model. 

Some industry experts have warned that the release could hinder the long-term profits of Nokia if people view the brand as a kitsch supplier of vintage models, rather than a market competitor. 

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