Aussies ‘won’t compromise’ on phone security

People in Australia are prioritising security ahead of convenience when it comes to selecting and using mobile apps, a new study has found.

The Curve of Convenience Report from F5 Networks polled people across Australia and Asia and revealed that more than two-thirds of Australians (69 per cent) will stop using an app if it is found to have security holes, while 63 per cent will disown an app that has experienced a data breach.

PC World reports that  63 per cent of Australian respondents to the study stated that they favoured security ahead of convenience when it comes to their mobile choices. This was in contrast to mobile-first economies such as India, the Philippines and Indonesia, where there was more of an “experience first, security second” attitude.

Jason Baden, regional vice-president for Australia and New Zealand at F5 Networks, commented: “It's great to see Australians valuing security over convenience when assessing how they use apps, as this is an important mindset to maintain to avoid falling victim to the misuse of our personal data or cybercrime in general.”

The research found, however, there was a generational gap in attitudes towards mobile security in Australia, with Millennials revealed to be less concerned about security than Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.

Almost half of Australians (49 per cent) said they used social networking apps multiple times a day, though the research noted this figure was smaller than in many other countries, including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. 

On the other hand, Australians were around twice as likely to use mobile banking and payment apps than their counterparts in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. 

More than half of Aussie respondents (52 per cent) also stated they are unhappy with the experience they receive from their mobile apps in general. Mr Baden said: 
“Australians are growing increasingly intolerant of even the slightest drop in app performance, meaning businesses cannot afford to overlook the importance of fast, intuitive, and secure app experiences.”

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