When should you let your kids have their first smartphone?

How young is too young when it comes to owning a smartphone? While even the youngest kids are confident using the latest gadgets, allowing them to have their own handset is a different thing entirely.

Perhaps that's why parents can't agree on what the right age to give a child their first smartphone actually is.

According to a new survey by Finder.com.au, 44 per cent of people believe children should be between 13 and 15 years of age before parents even consider giving them their own handset.

However, 24 per cent felt it was okay to let them have a smartphone between the ages of ten and 12, Tech Guide reports.

Just two per cent said it was acceptable to allow kids to have their own smartphone if they were aged seven to nine.

Meanwhile, a significant 28 per cent believe children should wait until they are between 16 and 18 before taking possession of a handset.

It's an emotive subject for parents, as they all recognise the practical benefits of having a smartphone, but many will fear for their kids' safety and security to varying degrees.

While the survey shows most parents want kids to at least be in their middle teen years before having their own smartphone, there's nothing close to a consensus on this.

Indeed, the findings show some parents want to delay their kids having a smartphone as long as they possibly can, while a large number have no issue with children owning one well before they become teenagers.

Naturally, it's down to each individual mum and dad to make their own decision and weigh up the pros and cons.

One thing is for sure though – if they get into a debate with other parents about it, they're unlikely to find that everybody in the room agrees with them on how young is too young.

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