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iPad recycling is an eco-friendly practise that's very important to us and the environment. Selling your device to a recycling service is an effective way to get rid of it in an environmentally friendly way. Do you have an iPad you are no longer using? Why not give it out to an Apple recycling service in exchange for cash? Mazuma Mobile can either sell your device to a reuse partner or recycle it if it is no longer working.

What Does iPad Recycling Mean?

iPad recycling is the practice of disposing of iPad devices, especially in an eco-friendly manner. What happens to the millions of iPads used every year? Are thy all in drawers in people's homes? The answer is no. These devices are collected by licensed recycling companies that get rid of them in eco-friendly ways.

By definition, it's the practice of letting a recycling firm dispose of iPad's following international recycling standards. Basically, there are two possible outcomes. Recycling companies refurbish reusable devices and sell them as second-hand iPads. On the other hand, devices that can't be reused are disassembled and recycled following standard best practices.

Do you have an old iPad or other Apple devices you no longer use? The ideal thing is to sell them to a recycler for cash. Do you think your device might not worth much? Let's know if an old iPad is worth anything.

Are Old iPads Worth Anything?

Yes, used iPads have financial value. No matter how old or faulty it's, it's worth a thing and you can still sell it for a decent amount of money. There is a mobile and iPad recycling service that will be interested in collecting your old or damaged iPad in exchange for cash.

As expected, the worth is dependent on the model and state of the device. For instance, an iPad with a broken screen will be worth less than another iPad of the same model with a "neat" and functional screen. The worth of a device is directly proportional to its "health".

Another factor that affects how much an iPad is worth is the recycling service. Where you sell your device directly impacts its quoted value. iPad Recycling services don't have the same system of placing quotes on devices. For instance, an iPad that's quoted 100 AUD on platform A can be valued at 150 AUD on platform B.

To get the most value for your device, lookout for a good recycling service that offers the best value for devices. It's not hard to find. Follow me!

Where Can I Sell My iPad For Cash?

Recycle your iPad for cash with Mazuma Mobile. Mazuma’s iPad recycling service is available throughout Australia. We buy old iPad, phones and wearables at interesting rates. We’ve got a lot of happy customers all over Australia. Why not sell your old iPad or used devices to us and smile to the bank?

Our customer loves us for a reason: we place deserving quotes on devices and our services are excellent. We have a culture that enables us to give clients an amazing selling experience. With us, you don't have to worry about your device being undervalued. We offer the best values for old iPads and other mobile devices.

You're a few steps away from selling your device to us:

  • Simply register a sale and select the model and condition of your device to know much it's worth.
  • Next, we’ll make arrangements for you to send the device to us by providing a post-free sales pack.
  • Then, send the device to us within 14 days.
  • Once the device reaches us, we'll inspect and process your payment immediately.
  • Finally, spread the word! Tell family and friends about us.

We promise to pay you as soon as your device gets to us. No one wants to send in a device and wait for another 3 weeks before receiving a bank credit alert. We do what pleases our customers - being paid on time. At Mazuma, we have a culture of sincerity. There are no hidden charges. We pay 100% of the amount quoted on your device.

So, let's do business. Trade in iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, Apple Watch and Samsung phone for cash with us. Do you have a broken iPhone? Don't worry, send the broken iPhone to us, we'll pay you instantly.

How Much Will iPad Recycle Pay?

How much you get paid through iPad recycling is dependent on some factors. We've established that you can make a decent amount of money by recycling your iPad. However, how much iPad recycling pays is dependent on the model of the device, condition of the device and to a great extent, the recycling service you choose.

To know the exact amount you can get paid for recycling your iPad, go to Mazuma platform. On the website, select the device's model and it's condition. The worth of the device will be displayed automatically.

We buy iPhone 7, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. We're committed to giving you the best quote for your devices.

Recycle your devices with us and join our happy customers. We’d like to hear from you!