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Samsung Trade-In

Are you looking for a Samsung trade-in platform? With Mazuma Mobile, you can make extra cash by trading in your used Samsung devices for cash. Your old devices, even if they’re faulty, are worth something financially. And there are device recycling companies that can help you recycle them for a good sum of money.

An average Australian household is home to 4 or more old devices. Why should old devices lay fallow in drawers when you can make a good sum from them? Selling your old Samsung products or trading in your Apple device is a way to make money and at the same time make secondhand devices available for many who can’t afford brand new ones.

How to Trade In Samsung Phone?

Selling your device to a Samsung trade-in platform involves some simple steps. However, you’ve to know that your device is worth something, it’s condition notwithstanding. The condition of the phone determines its value. The first step is to choose a reliable phone recycling company and then proceed to their website to know the worth of the phone.

When you ascertain the value of your device and decide to proceed with the transaction, you’ll be required to send your phone to the company. The organisation will examine your device; if satisfied you’ll get paid according to the prior valuation.

However, if for any reason the organisation thinks the device is not worth the initial estimation, you’ll be notified and the device will be revalued. If you don’t like the new price, terminate the transaction. And the company will send back your device free of charge.

This a hassle-free way to get rid of your used devices for cash. You can as well trade in broken iPhones, Apple Watch and Apple iPad for a good pay using this method. Sell your Samsung device to a reliable phone trade-in company and smile to the bank.

Where Can I Trade In My Samsung Device For Cash?

Trade in your Samsung device for cash with Mazuma Mobile, a trusted phone recycling service in Australia. We’re the leading mobile recycling organisation in Australia; we’ve helped thousands to get rid of their devices in return for good sums of money. Over the years, we’ve paid out over 11 million AUD to customers.

We buy used phones at great prices. Unlike the traditional Samsung trade-in services, we pay what your device is worth. The problem with conventional trade-in services or trade-in services offered by manufacturers is that they undervalue devices. That’s not the case with Mazuma Mobile. We offer a high Samsung trade-in valuation and pay the actual worth of devices.

Trading in your device with us involves hassle-free processes. Sell your Samsung device to us in four steps:

  • Visit our website, register a sale and find out how much your phone is worth by searching for the device’s model. 
  • We’ll post you a free sales pack with which you’ll send your device to us (for free).
  • Once we receive your device, we’ll examine it to confirm its condition.
  • All things being equal, you’ll get paid the same day we receive your phone.

You get paid the same day we receive your device. There are no hidden charges. It’s in our culture to make sure our customers are paid immediately after their devices pass verification. Trade in Samsung devices with us and smile to the bank in no time just like many of our customers.

Allow us to give your old device a new lease of life. We refurbish used phones and sell them as secondhand phones in Australia and developing countries. The devices that have no secondhand value are recycled in environmentally responsible ways.

We buy used iPhones ranging from iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Money is not the only thing you achieve when you recycle your Samsung device, iPhone or iPad, you also contribute to the safety of our planet.

How Much is a Trade-In Value For a Samsung Device?

The Samsung trade-in value depends on the condition of the device. To know the worth of your device, visit the Mazuma platform and select the model of your device. Enter the necessary information about the device. You’ll be shown what the device is worth.

However, after you send in the device to us, it can be devalued if we find out it’s not worth the initial valuation. If you happen not to like the new price, you can terminate the transaction and we’ll send back your device at no cost.

We’ve got a responsive customer service team that will help you make the whole process faster; ranging from entering a sale to sending your device to us and making sure your payment is processed fast.

Do a Samsung trade-in with Mazuma Mobile for cash and join other happy Australians in a good job of keeping our planet safe and making affordable devices available for many people in Australia and all over the world.