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Sell Broken iPhone

Looking for where to sell a broken iPhone? You can make good money by trading in your old or faulty iPhone for cash. There are iPhone trade-in companies that buy used devices and recycle them accordingly. These companies give used phones new “homes” by refurbishing and selling to the secondhand market.

It doesn’t make sense leaving your old phones to waste in drawers when you can sell them at great rates. The money you could make from selling old iPhones for cash aside, selling them to recycling companies is an effective way to get rid of damaged devices in an eco-friendly method.

Are Broken iPhones Worth anything?

Broken iPhones are worth some good cash. However, the actual worth of a given device is dependent on its model and condition. For instance, an iPhone with a dysfunctional screen is expected to worth less than a device of the same model with a functional screen - all other factors being the same.

Sell a broken iPhone by trading it in with a recycling organisation. The first step is to choose a reliable phone recycling service. Then, proceed to their website to know how much your device is worth. Move on with the transaction if you are comfortable with the valuation.

A typical recycling organisation will arrange for you to send in your device across to them. You’ll be sent a post kit/pack to package and post the device. Once the company receives your device, they’ll examine it to verify your initial claims. After that, you’ll get paid.

Trade in iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 11 for cash using the method above. In the same vein, you can trade in other Apple devices such as Apple Watch and Apple iPad for cash.

Where Can I Sell My Broken iPhone?

Sell a broken iPhone to Mazuma Mobile, Australia’s most trusted mobile recycling service. We’ve paid out more than 11 million AUD to customers and have helped thousands of Australians make some extra cash from devices they thought weren’t worth anything. Sell broken iPhone and used mobile phones to us at interesting rates.

We’ve got a system that makes sure your iPhone will be well valued and you get paid the amount it’s really worth. We believe in honesty and our culture reflects it. There are no hidden charges. The price you see on our website is what you get paid; no more no less.

We understand that customers love to get paid on time. As a result, we have a strict policy that enables us to pay clients as soon as they send in their devices to us. Once we receive your phone and inspect it, we process your payment immediately.

Selling your device to us is easy. It involves some simple steps that don’t cost a dime. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Mazuma platform to register a sale and know how much your iPhone is worth by selecting the model and the condition your device.
  • We’ll send you a free sales pack. You’re required to send in your device using the kit. It contains a free post bag and posting instructions.
  • Send in your device to us using the free posting option.
  • Once we receive the device and examine it; your payment will be processed immediately.

We buy various models of Apple devices ranging from iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. You can also sell used mobile phones like an old Samsung phone to us.

How Much Can You Sell a Broken Phone For?

The price of a broken phone is dependent on its model and condition. For example, a broken phone that is still functional sells for more money than a broken phone that isn’t working at all.

To find out how much you can sell a broken iPhone, proceed to the Mazuma website. Register a sale and select the model of the phone. You’ll be shown how much the phone is worth after entering the necessary information. Next, you will be required to send in the device to us with our free sales pack.

However, if after inspection, the company thinks your device is not worth the initial estimation, you’ll be notified of the new price. You can proceed with the transaction if still interested; otherwise, you’re free to cancel and the device will be sent back to you at no cost.

We don't leave you in the dark; we keep you posted in every step of the selling journey. We provide all the support and guidance from the beginning until the money lands in your account. Our customer support team is responsive. They'll be happy to assist you. Sell a Broken iPhone to Mazuma Mobile today and smile to the bank.