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Do you have an iPhone 8 you are no longer using? Instead of leaving old devices to waste in your home, you can trade them in for a reasonable amount of money. iPhone recycling firms like Mazuma Mobile can help you get rid of your device for some cash. Selling your old device is good both for the environment and for your pocket. It's good for the environment in the sense that they are recycled in an environmentally friendly way. The key to making a decent amount of money off your used iPhone 8 is choosing the right phone recycling service. This article will walk you through how to sell an iPhone 8.

Are Old iPhones Worth Anything?

An old iPhone can be worth a huge amount of money. However, the actual value you can sell your iPhone 8 is generally dependent on its condition. An old phone that's fully functional is expected to be worth more than a dysfunctional one. Meanwhile, an old iPhone is worth some cash no matter how bad it is.

You’re a few steps away from selling your device. Firstly, you’ve to find a good iPhone recycling service where you can sell an iPhone 8 for cash. When you find one, get an idea of how much your device is worth on their platform. After that, proceed with the transaction if you like the valuation.

Generally, the phone recycling service will make arrangements for you to post the device to them. Usually, you’ll be given a sales pack or a kit with which to send the device. Once the company receives and approves the device; your payment will be processed.

If for any reason the company says the device is not worth the initial valuation, you’ll be notified of the revised price. If you like the new price; move on with the transaction. If otherwise, cancel the transaction and the device will be sent back to you at no cost.

Trade in iPhone X, iPhone 11, Apple Watch, and Apple iPad for cash using the method above. Do you want to get paid a reasonable amount of money for your iPhone resale? Well, the recycling company you choose makes a lot of difference. Let's take a look at where to sell iPhone 8 and other mobile devices at interesting rates.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone 8 For?

Sell your iPhone 8 to Mazuma Mobile, a leading phone recycling service in Australia. We buy old iPhones and other mobile devices at good rates. Over the years, we helped thousands of Australians to get rid of their used devices in an eco-friendly manner and at the same time paying them a decent amount of money.

Selling to us is simple, and easy. Here's is how it works:

  • Go to our platform to register for a sale. Select the device model and the category (in terms of its condition) to know much it's worth. Choose a payment method and enter your details.
  • We'll send you a free sales pack to send your device to us. It contains a free post bag and posting instructions.
  • Send in your device to us using the kit within 14 days - free of charge.
  • Once we receive your device and verify it; your payment is processed immediately.

We’ve got a rare culture of paying customers the same day we receive their devices. We understand that no one wants their payment to be delayed. As a result, we have a policy of paying clients as soon as their devices get to us.

One thing you stand to gain selling your device to us is that we don't undervalue devices. You get paid the amount of money worthy of your device's condition. We're honest; we don't have hidden charges; what you see on the valuation page is what lands in your account - no more, no less.

We buy broken iPhones and various models of used iPhones, including iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 11 to iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. We can help you recycle other mobiles such as Samsung devices. We also buy old iPhone 8 256GB, old iPhone 8 64GB and iPhone 8 Plus.

How Much Can I Sell My iPhone 8 For?

The condition of your iPhone 8 determines how much you can sell it. To ascertain the iPhone 8 sell price, visit our website. Select iPhone 8, choose the storage capacity and the category the device belongs in terms of its condition to see how much the device is worth. 

We provide everything you need to sell your used iPhone 8. We have a data delete tool used to get rid of personal information from a device before posting it to us. This tool is easy to use; best of all, it's free.

We're committed to giving our customers an amazing selling experience. Our friendly customer service team will be glad to take you by the hand and guide you throughout the process. Sell iPhone 8 to Mazuma Mobile and join our army of happy customers.