Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

August 2010

"awsome and easy, good service and fast turn around, thanks" - matthew from victoria (Order No. A2250) 28-08-2010
"this order was completed on the same day as A1688 and arrived in the bank the same day as that order. Well done, Mazuma. Highly satisfied." - Jeremy from South Australia (Order No. A 1687) 27-08-2010
"The service worked just as described. In my own case 'within 48 hours' meant overnight once I received word that the order had been processed. Well done." - Jeremy from South Australia (Order No. A 1688) 27-08-2010
"exellent service, i will do it again next time" - Francois from victoria (Order No. A2040) 27-08-2010
"What a great idea - now I can get some value from our old corporate handsets - I called a few times to ask questions and your team are amazing - placed another order to sell 6 more phones - Thanks Mazuma Team :)" - Paul from VIC (Order No. A2278) 27-08-2010
"A very fast & prompt service. No problem recommending Mazuma to friends and family. I have 1 recommendation/suggestion.Is it possible is to provide padded post bags for posting back mobile phones? I had to purchase bubble wrap to ensure the phones were protected and didn’t get damaged.

Thank you
" - Ron from Vic (Order No. A1925) 26-08-2010
"amazing mazuma" - alan from victoria (Order No. A1995) 26-08-2010
"Was a little hesitant at start but was very pleased, recieved quoted amount, posted out phone on friday and recieved money by the next wed! very good service!!" - Genna from Victoria (Order No. A1834) 26-08-2010
"Fantastic idea with great service. Just a minor glitch happened - see below - other than that - it was all very professional.
I live in country w.a and I sent my phones and it took 13 days to be received - so perhaps you extend the time of receiving to 14 days?
Once received they were processed very quickly and I am just waiting for my payment to go through - I'll see how long that takes.
<MAZ; Thanks for feedback, we can extend delivery times for customers in regional areas or delayed packages, you did the right thing by contacting Mazuma so we were easily able to extend your ord" - Roz from WA (Order No. A1184) 24-08-2010
"great communication through email and the website,keep up the good work." - Eugene from Queensland (Order No. A1700) 24-08-2010
"Hello, very happy, smooth transaction, completed in just over a week, highly recommended." - Paul from SA (Order No. A1461) 21-08-2010
"excellent service and very easy. All done as you guys said it would be. Recommended you to several other people..." - Andrew from NSW (Order No. A1216) 18-08-2010
"Excellent service and what a great way to make some quick cash! Seriously, very well set up company. Fast, simple, efficient and like i said, great customer service!

Top notch." - Tom from NSW (Order No. A1131) 10-08-2010

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