Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

September 2010

"awesome! sold my nokia n95 very easily!" - leo from QLD (Order No. A6410) 30-09-2010
"Very impressed with the great email contact and speedy delivery of the cheque.
Mazuma is an easy service to use who offers a great deal for your old handsets. Have told everyone who will listen about this great service." - Helen from Vic (Order No. A6458) 30-09-2010
"Very fast turnaround time and I got good value for my iPhone. Much easier than trying to sell on eBay. I will definitely use Mazuma again! " - Emma from QLD (Order No. A5305) 29-09-2010
"Really easy to use and thanks for the opportunity to take my phone. Great work!!" - Marcus from VIC (Order No. A6808) 29-09-2010
"Absolutely fantastic service! Thanks for all your help!" - Carina from SA (Order No. A4805) 29-09-2010
"hey im gonna be honest i was a little sceptical when i first did my order but i must say i am extremely happy and impressed, i sent my old phone in thinking that it didnt work as i had no luck working it so i was happy with what i was going to recieve and now im over the moon as you guys just sent me an email saying it... actually was working and adjusted the amount, now thats great service and honesty you didnt need to tell me that cos i wouldnt have known but THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - HAYLEY from SA (Order No. A5716) 29-09-2010
"Your website was extremely easy to use and had all the relevant information needed. Your instructions were detailed and so easy as well. Great doing business with you, will definately recommend you to my friends!!" - Jodi from VIC (Order No. A6357) 29-09-2010
"Great service. We've told all our friends about you. Thanks." - Vicki from WA (Order No. A5767) 29-09-2010
"Don't change a thing, if everything in this world was as easy as selling your old phones to mazuma things would be great.thanks very much
bev" - bev from vic (Order No. A6203) 29-09-2010
"wow!!!! I had almost given up on good customer service. Until you guys came along. Fast effecient service and being kept informed with ever step along the way. OUTSTANDING!!!! Please please please as you grow don't let up on your great service. Not only a big thank you for your service BUT a BIG thank you your good old fashioned excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. CHEERS" - Mary from vic (Order No. A6757) 29-09-2010
"Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for the amazing service ~ the whole process took just a week from start to finish, I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends. Thanks again !! Anna" - Anna from Qld (Order No. A5835) 28-09-2010
"Thank you for such a great customer service experience. The whole transaction was smooth from start to finish. You have great systems in place, keep up the excellent work!" - Lisa from QLD (Order No. A6307) 28-09-2010
"excellent service and wish i had of known earlier " - jason from n/a (Order No. Aa6277) 28-09-2010
"thank-you." - jayne from n/a (Order No. Aa5114) 27-09-2010
"Fast and easy.and a reasonable price for my old mobile" - sander from western asutralia (Order No. A5247) 27-09-2010
"I found the whole process really quick and easy, and was pleasantly suprised when Mazuma altered my order to increase my receipt amount. They had checked all the phones and changed one from not working to working, so that was a nice suprise and generous of them.
Have recommended the website to friendls and family and let them know how easy and simple it was." - Louise from Vic (Order No. A5775) 27-09-2010
"Absolutely fantastic, so quick and easy.I cant believe my old mobiles could be worth so much." - Richard from Victoria (Order No. A6131) 25-09-2010
"I received my cheque today. Thank you for your fast and easy service.I sent the request last Sunday evening and got the payment in the mail on Friday. Its great to get some value out of an old mobile phone, much better than leaving it in a drawer." - Michelle from n/a (Order No. AA6232) 24-09-2010
"Its a great service and I personally appreciate your quick response and I'm glad to say that I will be introducing you to most of mt friends,Thank You once again and keep up the quality standards." - Alexis from Victoria (Order No. A5871) 24-09-2010
"Thank you for your prompt services it is muchly appreciated. I will definitly use your services again in the future." - Rebecca from Victoria (Order No. A6296) 23-09-2010
"Was very surprised how easy it all was.And impressed when they rang me to confirm order because auspost replaced the original post bag.Thanks for quick and simple way to get rid of my old phone. " - robyn from vic (Order No. A5375) 23-09-2010
"Site does what it says, quick and easy! Very happy with the service :D Would recommend to anyone!" - Heath from Victoria (Order No. A5647) 22-09-2010
"Just sent some phones to your company. Nice and easy and prompt service. Even honest enough to give me extra on a phone that must be working. Thanks" - Chris from QLD (Order No. A5704) 22-09-2010
"Thank you for an excellent transaction. I have recommended your website to friends." - Dianne from Vic (Order No. A5660) 22-09-2010
"I found Mazuma Mobile fantastic!!!! They're were fast and extremly friendly i will definately be telling my friends" - megan from Victoria (Order No. A5648) 21-09-2010
"Impressed with fast service thankyou" - Elly from vic (Order No. A5286) 20-09-2010
"WOW, talk about easy. Terrific service, fast and efficient. Plus I know it is going to be recycled properly instead of just sitting in my drawer. Thanks very much" - Alistair from NSW (Order No. A4742) 17-09-2010
"Thank you very much for your service and prompt payment.You were very helpful with the delivery process and valuation method.Look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Regards Joe" - Joseph from South Australia (Order No. A5249) 17-09-2010
"Thank you very much for your service,the process and delivery was fantastic and easy to understand.Thank you also for your prompt payment system,look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Regards Joe" - Joseph from South Australia (Order No. A5208) 17-09-2010
"its great to get rid of my old phones,thanku" - sharon from vic (Order No. A5486) 17-09-2010
"very fast process thank you." - Justin from Victoria (Order No. A5194) 15-09-2010
"Very happy with the service. The post bag came quickly and before i knew it, I received an email stating the order had been completed.
THank you and i will definately continue to reccomend you to friends" - amy from Victoria (Order No. A4860) 15-09-2010
"Very impressed with the prompt attention I received. Will recommend you to my friends." - Paul from N.S.W. (Order No. A4375) 14-09-2010
"All great! Heard about through Today tonight program on tv. Fantastic operation. Cheers" - Jane from NSW (Order No. A4745) 14-09-2010
"ridiculously easy thanks so much for a perfect way to get rid of my old phones" - Diane from Queensland (Order No. A4708) 14-09-2010
"i would just like to say that i am 100% satisfied with mazuma mobile. they were helpful when i asked questions and the process was very quick. would defenantly reccomend these guys to anyone. cheers. Anthony." - anthony from victoria (Order No. A3615) 13-09-2010
"excellent service happy to suggest your company to anyone quick and easy" - darryl roberts from vic (Order No. A4714) 13-09-2010
"Thanks. I have passed on your information to others so they can check your web site and pass on their old mobiles." - Graham from NSW (Order No. A 2280) 13-09-2010
"Fantastic. $30 in my pocket from old phones taking up space. So easy and quick." - Luella from sa (Order No. A4446) 11-09-2010
"Thanks Mazuma for giving me a great price for my sons Nokia. We really are so very happy. Thanks again,
Paul G." - Paul from N.S.W. (Order No. A4375) 10-09-2010
"Very fast and efficient and user-freindly service - will definately be selling to Mazuma again and will tell all my friends." - Anne from NSW (Order No. A3033) 10-09-2010
customer service 10 points
recycling service & concept 100 Points " - Stephen from Australia (Order No. A2847) 10-09-2010
"Just want to let you know that i think this is a fantastic service you are providing. I found the the process so simple and easy. Your website is very user friendly and instructions are clear with no confusion. I will be definately using you guys again. Thanks again" - John from Vic (Order No. A4773) 10-09-2010
"If all companies were as efficient as yours the world would be a much easier place to live in. thank you for the best service i have ever received" - Neil from Qld (Order No. A4019) 10-09-2010
"Absolutely fantastic, who would of thought that you could sell your old phone so easily? Thankyou and well done on your great service." - Michael from Queensland (Order No. A2523) 09-09-2010
"thanks for the great service, and prompt payment. Question? why don't you want the charger and accessories for these phones, it seems a shame just to throw them all away? Again many thanks..Mick <Maz> Thanks Mick, It does seem a shame :( different chargers and power in different territories, not to mention safety testing means we cant send those to developing countries, rest assured though we do recycle them properly here in AU.>" - michael from SA (Order No. A3621) 09-09-2010
"I am impressed at the efficient way you conduct your business. I was also amazed at the constant contact from time of receipt till actually forwarding the money.
thank you
" - annie from vic (Order No. A4123) 08-09-2010
"Fantastic service, very quick, easy to use and recycling old phones a great idea.
Regards Paul." - Paolo from Victoria (Order No. A4426) 08-09-2010
"Excellent dealing with you guys. Great service, prompt and hassle free. Looking forward to the next transaction.... Kind Regards,
Nenad." - Nenad from VIC (Order No. A3496) 08-09-2010
"It was a pleasure doing business with you.It was a good way of getting a good price for my mobile phone. I will be recommending you to my friends and family.Thankyou." - melissa from SA (Order No. A3881) 08-09-2010
"I'm very impressed with your company's professionalism, the service is fast and efficient and I was kept updated with progress reports. I am definitely recommending your service to my friends. Thank you. " - Helen from Vic (Order No. A4320) 07-09-2010
"Excellent company to deal with. Very quick & easy process. Any queries I had were answered promptly; the staff are polite and professional. Also received prompt payment. I highly recommend Mazuma." - Wendy from Vic (Order No. A4135) 07-09-2010
"Thanks for the great price for the phone, easy instructions and fast processing. I'm going to email my friends now to tell them about your service." - Jane from NSW (Order No. A2907) 07-09-2010
"What a fantastic thing to do!!! It was soooooo easy and quick. I just may have another to sell you soon." - Casey from Victoria (Order No. A3845) 07-09-2010
"Great service for old phones. Hooray to team & your idea. The money is just a bonus for a fantastic enviromental business. Excellent service. Thankyou
(Could you please pass on your customer service to Telsta!!??)" - Bruce from Tas (Order No. A2866) 07-09-2010
"Excellent and speedy communication. Everything happened when you said it would and instructions were easy to understand. Pity I don't have more old mobiles! I have passed on your details to friends. Thanks." - Ray from victoria (Order No. A4250) 07-09-2010
"great dealing with you guys cant wait till we deal again" - Joel from nsw (Order No. A2828) 07-09-2010
"thank you for your quick deposit into my bank account.truly thankful for the amount you have sent. glen" - glen from nsw (Order No. A2447) 06-09-2010
"Thank you for letting me know you had received my mobile, I was a little worried when you hadn't. Your help in the matter was fantastic and prompt. Thank you once again Bev " - Bev from Qld (Order No. A3057) 06-09-2010
"Simple quick and easy! Wow I have had these phone sitting here for a few years now and by spending 20 minutes I made over $100. Very happy customer!!" - Nikki from Victoria (Order No. A3383) 03-09-2010
"Thank you for providing a great service! The whole thing was so simple. A very easy process, it was very well explained, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I will never throw out an old mobile again! " - Sarah from Victoria (Order No. A3726) 03-09-2010
"Very happy with service and tell friends. Thanks" - Neville from vic (Order No. A 3083) 03-09-2010
"Thank you very much for a service second to none.
It was really good dealing with you and i will certainly recommend you to all my friends. thanks again until next time Regards Rob." - robert from qld (Order No. A2544) 03-09-2010
"Dear sir / madam,

I'd like to thank you very much you helped me to sell the phone , these things are so expensive to buy and mantain that it is very nice deed when I can get at least something back and not to throw it away.

Thank you very much once again.

Kind Regards Lubo" - Lubo from QLD (Order No. A2722) 03-09-2010
"Fantastic service, I couldn't believe how quick the turnaround was from putting an order in to receiving a cheque in the mail. Great job mazuma!" - James from victoria (Order No. A3281) 02-09-2010
"I am very pleased with how fast this whole process was. Very happy thank you Mazuma!" - Belinda from victoria (Order No. A3293) 02-09-2010
"This is the best way to rid yourself of old mobiles.Wish I had heard of you guys sooner.
cheers Angela" - angela from victoria (Order No. A2688) 01-09-2010
"Great service, prompt payment, easy to use website, i sold two old phones and have just logged another sell order...keep up the good work. " - Gino from Victoria (Order No. A3552) 01-09-2010
"Great service highly recomend to use this service" - gerhard from vic (Order No. A1962) 01-09-2010

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