Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

October 2010

"Pretty quick and painless process for the handsets I sold. Would use Mazuma again." - Brad from Tasmania (Order No. A9656) 30-10-2010
"It would be really great to know what happens to the mobile once you receive it.
Is it used for parts? Is it on-sold? This is a great service and if I had more info about it I would definitely talk it up to my friends.
Cheers, James. <Maz> Thanks James, most of the handsets are processed then rehomed in developing countries such as Africa, India and China. only a very small proportion are not given a new life. Reuse is a Primary part of Recycling." - James from Vic (Order No. A9420) 29-10-2010
"WOW, Thanks so much for your fast and efficient service. (and for the extra dollars in my pocket)" - SHARON from VICTORIA (Order No. A9814) 29-10-2010
"Another flawless transaction with Mazuma! I have already been telling everyone I know about how fantastic this service is. It's not often these days that customer service is this amazing, and when it is you have to talk about it! It's not often I feel compelled to leave glowing feedback for businesses, but both of my dealings with Mazuma have completely warranted it! So impressed with your team - you all deserve a big pat on the back. Will deal with again and again! " - Kim from VIC (Order No. A9838) 28-10-2010
"Simple and quick.
Would recommend to anyone with old mobiles that they want to get rid of." - Leigh from VIC (Order No. A9084) 25-10-2010
"Thanks very much for efficient and reliable service." - David from NSW (Order No. A9349) 23-10-2010
"very pleased with your service very quick response thankyou" - elly from vic (Order No. A9453) 21-10-2010
"Hi MazumaMobile team, how are you all?

Just a quick e-mail to say "Wow!!". I can't believe how fast you've been with my last two orders, and I'm incredibly impressed. Keep up the great work, I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Steve. <Thanks Steve, we are all working our magic and full of smiles especially when our Mazuma magic is appreciated, thx. Maz>" - Steven from VIC (Order No. A9166) 21-10-2010
"Thankyou so much for this incredible experience. Everything has been incredibly easy and i will be recommending you to all my family and friends.

Once again thank you very much.

Sarah" - Sarah from NSW (Order No. A9192) 21-10-2010
"its was great how much i got for 2 phones i have two more & will be sending them off, it all was fast aswell, the postage & the chq thanks" - diana from queensland (Order No. A8874) 21-10-2010
"Very simple and quick process, great communication and great to get some money for the old mobile" - Elly from VIC (Order No. A8736) 20-10-2010
"Wow, this is the greatest site ever. The timeframe in which everything happens is great, but the thing that I was more impressed about, was that I sold 2 phones as non-working units, when you received the phones you had checked them and reclassed as working units, your honesty and decency really impressed me as you could have just paid me the lower amount as non working units, but you reclassed them and paid me the working price. Very very happy to tell my story to others! If I didnt sell them, they would clutter up the house for 10 years. Well done on a great system." - Bellamy from NSW (Order No. A8904) 20-10-2010
"Fantastic I got rid of my phone that I didn't want anymore. It was quick, easy and very prompt. I will definatly use Mazuma Mobile again!!!" - Tracey from NSW (Order No. A9127) 19-10-2010
"Just a quick word to say thank you, the process was extremely easy! I posted the phone to you on Thursday and by Tuesday I got an email to tell me you had processed payment! So quick! Very impressed, will definately recommend you to others :)" - Catherine from NSW (Order No. A8622) 19-10-2010
"this is a great site i would recommend my friends to it" - leanne from vic (Order No. A8499) 19-10-2010
"Hi guys, just a note to let you know your process works great. I found it easy to place my sell order and from there everything else happened quickly and smoothly, you have made it as easy as possible to facilitate the sale of mobiles. Cheers, Stuart" - Stuart from Victoria (Order No. A8457) 16-10-2010
"Quick and fantastic service, will recommend to friends!" - Karen from Victoria (Order No. A5811) 16-10-2010
"thank you excellent service great communication
cheers heather" - heather from vic (Order No. A7561) 15-10-2010
"I was thrilled with the service, promptness and great idea that is Mazuma Mobile. Such a great way to get rid of no longer used mobiles that were previously just sitting in the bottom of my drawers collecting dust. I'll be recommending your company to friends and family - it truly is a great idea, and the entire process was incredibly smooth. Couldn't be happier - well done Mazuma Mobile!" - Kim from VIC (Order No. A6959) 14-10-2010
"I think this service is great because not only am i getting my old mobile phones in to be recycled but i'm getting paid to do it." - Malia from NSW (Order No. A7914) 12-10-2010
"Thanks for the great service. I am really happy with the ease and speed of the process. I am happy to have sold my mobiles to you as I felt I was getting value for money and with very little fuss involved. Great Job!" - Linda from TASMANIA (Order No. A7508) 12-10-2010
"Very fast, efficient and staff extremely helpful. I'm impressed, and got great value. Thank you" - Kerrie from NSW (Order No. A7833) 12-10-2010
"Thanks for the quick and easy disposal of my old they say out with the old and in with the new!!!!! And being paid for it is even better :)" - Andrew from NSW (Order No. A7948) 12-10-2010
"excellent service" - jason from nsw (Order No. A7453) 12-10-2010
"This has been a fantastic experience for me. I was going to sell it on eBay for an average of $20-50. However the hassle involved in listing, packaging and postage was off putting. Selling through mazuma was no hassle at all. Apply to sell, send it off in the provided bag and wait for payment. Laughingly simple and now I'm $50 richer" - shaun from Vic (Order No. A7992) 11-10-2010
"What a fantastic service you offer. I will not hesitate in recomending you to all my friends.
Thank you" - EVA from VICTORIA (Order No. A8286) 11-10-2010
"I am very happy with the prompt service of selling my mobile phone. Your website is very efficient and easy to follow. However I couldn't understand why you didn't want the extras that I had with my phone, as it was basically 2 weeks old. Any suggestions as to what to do with powercords, usb cord, software etc. would be gratefully accepted. I will definitely be recommending your business. Many thanks, Golda Holmes. <thanks Golda, you/anyone can send them, we recycle them as where we re home use different chargers etc. thx Maz.>" - Golda from n/a (Order No. A7079) 10-10-2010
"Thanks Mazuma there was no mucking around you got the job done and it was very quick you guys rock!! I will be letting my friends know about you guys" - Rosanne from Victoria (Order No. A7562) 09-10-2010
"Excellent and quick service. Would highly recommend you to all my friends. If I get anymore phones to trade in that I have upgraded from I will definitely come to you first. Keep up the great work. You have done yourself proud. " - jodi from VIC (Order No. A8288) 09-10-2010
"many thanks for the quick response, keep up the good work " - jackie from vic (Order No. A7738) 08-10-2010
"I found it to be AMAZING. Fast and simple!
Thanks alot Mazuma:)
Will do in the future. =)" - jake from Tas (Order No. A6443) 08-10-2010
"Very Surprised. what an excellent service, very happy." - Narelle from NSW (Order No. A5318) 07-10-2010
"Thank you guys recieved my cheque today... your service is Quick ,Easy & Friendly will do it again and I will recommend YOUR SERVICE" - Renee from Vic (Order No. A7788) 07-10-2010
"You guys are awesome,very prompt service,very user friendly,great efficiency I loved it! I will surely recommend it to my friends, < MAZ: thanks for the suggestion (removed). > ....not many people are aware of such a good service,keep up the good work.
Thank you." - Punit from Vic (Order No. A6837) 06-10-2010
"thank you for was such a pleasure to deal with were very helpful" - leanne from vic (Order No. A6743) 06-10-2010
"Extremely fast and friendly service. Had a few problems with the post office, but Mazuma were excellent and very professional. Will definately be dealing with them again :) " - Samantha from NSW (Order No. A6004) 06-10-2010
"FANTASTIC will pass on to all i know. So easy & your staff have been very helpful.
I will highly recommend & definitely use your services again.
Well done on a FANTASTIC service

Kind Regards
Steve Marriott
" - Steve from SA (Order No. A7068) 05-10-2010
"Excellent communication,outstanding service and super quick payment. I wil be highly recommending/utilising your service in the future!" - Tony from Vic (Order No. A7305) 05-10-2010
"Thanx for buying back my old phone. The transaction was simple and I received my cheque today as promised. Keep up the good work." - Arthur from Vic (Order No. A6968) 05-10-2010
"very happy with the service quick to let me know what is going on and easy to use the website good stuff" - Keith from QLD (Order No. A6785) 05-10-2010
"awesome service highly recommend" - sarah from QLD (Order No. A7089) 05-10-2010
"Amazing way to get cash for phones and prompt payment.keep up the good work by helping planet and your customers" - Sandeep from Vic (Order No. A7356) 05-10-2010
"Great service" - Daniel from SA (Order No. A6984) 05-10-2010
"Thank you for such a pleasant easy selling experience. Its wonderful when you are delivered what was offered,
judith." - judith from qld (Order No. A6096) 01-10-2010
"I must say,at the beginning the Mazuma Mobile website seemed too good to be true... I thought seeing as I was planning on getting an iPhone 4 anyway, I would sell my old iPhone 3G. Unbelievably I actually made money from the change of phone as my new phone cost me $149 and I sold my old phone for $240!! the customer service was fantastic and transaction was very quick and easy! A superb job by the people at Mazuma and I will gladly sell them more phones when possible! 100% satisfaction!!!" - Callum from Victoria (Order No. A6765) 01-10-2010
"Brilliant! So easy and secure services. would definitely recommend you." - Kat from Victoria (Order No. A6057) 01-10-2010

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