Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

January 2011

"thank you all so much i have told a lot of my friends about your offers and i am very very happy with your service
" - lesley from nsw (Order No. A20058) 31-01-2011
"To Whom It May Concern

This is the first time I have used this service and will definitely return to recycle family & friends old mobiles. Absolutely delighted in the manner in which the order was placed, given a tracking reference number and informed at every stage on the progress of the order. Very good service and very professional customer service care. " - Chitran from NSW (Order No. A18437) 31-01-2011
"Very fast sevice and pleased with the bussiness made between us." - melissa from QLD (Order No. A6024) 28-01-2011
"This is the second time i have used your service, and I have no intention to use any one else in the future. Well done for the prompt and friendly service!" - Marcus from VIC (Order No. A16208) 27-01-2011
"I was very impressed with the ease and speed of the whole process. Also thought the payment was quite generous for my old phone and received it very quickly.
Good to see the old phones get to be re used, rather than gather cob webs in a drawer!" - Paul from Queensland (Order No. A18619) 27-01-2011
"Easy to deal with,paperwork and pre-paid evelope came quickly and the cheque was posted as soon as the order was completed." - David from Western Australia (Order No. A16794) 27-01-2011
"I was quite angry when my phone took a swim.. Seeing your ad's on T.V, I jumped online and was surprised how easy it was to use your service. Even living in Alice Springs, the bag and details arrived promptly! Thanks for helping me make the best out of a bad situation, and getting paid for it!- Cheers, Lizzy" - lizzy from NT (Order No. A16454) 26-01-2011
"Great people to deal with ! " - Chris from SA (Order No. A17005) 26-01-2011
"Fantastic service, thanks heaps, look forward to receiving my cheque in the mail." - Sharon from New South Wales (Order No. A15859) 25-01-2011
"Great service. I have had old phones lying around for years; I always get ads for ways to recycle them, but never got around to it. I found your way simple and hassle free." - Gavin from VIC (Order No. A19626) 25-01-2011
"My sons wanted to sell some of our old phones to give the money to charity. Dealing with Mazuma was simple, quick and my sons are now happily considering which charity to support. Thank you very much.
Ann Hyde" - Ann from WA (Order No. A15608) 24-01-2011
"this was an awesome experience saw the television ad and remembered i had old mobiles around and figured i give it a go and to my surprise i had the money with in a week

great easy website to navigate around and easy search selection which didn't take long to search my mobiles which i had 4 to sell

i would recommend this service for anyone who wants to sell their mobile for some decent cash as quotes were good and at times better then cash converters

thank you Mazuma " - David from vic (Order No. A19124) 24-01-2011
"I want to pass on my wholehearted thanks for standing by your promises - I have received funds even though the parcel was late due to the Qld Floods - many many thanks I have already recommended you to other people.

Your company is awesome!" - Lea-Anne from Qld (Order No. A13769) 23-01-2011
"Excellent service. Payment was received within a week of sending off phones.... thank you" - Vesna from VIC (Order No. A17416) 22-01-2011
"exelent service from the second I made my order:)" - james from qeensland (Order No. A16383) 22-01-2011
"Thia was so easy!! I can't believe that this actually works. Cheque came through no problems." - Jason from SA (Order No. A13809) 22-01-2011
"I'm impressed from your professionalism and prompt action. Every thing went smooth as you promised, really good.

Maged" - Maged from NSW (Order No. A17378) 21-01-2011
"great service . very efficient and convenient . thank you very much" - Md from NSW (Order No. A18162) 21-01-2011
"Hi Guys,
Great service, fast and professional. Will be using you for all my phones from now on.
Many thanks.
Regards, Neil" - Neil from QLD (Order No. A17480) 21-01-2011
"Very easy to do. Easier than selling on eBay." - Brant from Victoria (Order No. A17750) 20-01-2011
"I thought the service was great, we had a number of phone's not being used, the money i got went on my mobile phone bill, i do not need to pay my phone bill for 12 months with the money i got. Will be back when i upgrade from these phones. Great service thanks a lot." - Carol from Queensland (Order No. A13741) 20-01-2011
"very impressed by the service.Up until now I usually throw my old phones in the bin,not any more thank you" - steve from wa (Order No. A16437) 19-01-2011
"Very easy to use and very good communication from your office as to status of order...." - Paul from SA (Order No. A16488) 19-01-2011
"The entire process was great, from the ordering process to the arrival of the mail, to the sending of the phone to receiving the check. No hassles what so ever, a great service." - Aaron from VIC (Order No. A12881) 19-01-2011
"Excellent Service. Too easy! Will let my friends know about how quick and easy it is to part with old phones." - Susan from Victoria (Order No. A11521) 19-01-2011
"Simple, easy to do business with and super fast. Thanks." - Darryn from WA (Order No. A15026) 19-01-2011
"Thanks so much to the Mazuma team for offering this service, I had no idea my phone would be worth so much, I will be recommending you to my friends, thanks again, Vanessa." - Vanessa from Vic (Order No. A17458) 18-01-2011
"when i saw on tv that i could get cash for your old phones i thought thats great thankyou cause this a great site for getting rid of old phones thanks again excellent " - pina from n/a (Order No. AA14026) 17-01-2011
"Very helpful, very easy, and quick payment for my mobiles that were just collecting dust in a draw, thank you Mazuma!!" - Tanya from Western Australia (Order No. A15122) 17-01-2011
"fantastic, easy and smooth service! great idea!

Thanks!" - jon from NSW (Order No. A14747) 17-01-2011
"AWESOME!! super easy, super fast and super rewarding. The whole experience was effortless!! Highly recommended to anyone who has that old phone lying around collecting dust :) they give you cash, how can you go wrong :)
YAY thanks MazumaMobile" - Elizabeth from Queensland (Order No. A13654) 17-01-2011
"Quick and fast sent both mobiles on Wednesday on by Friday i had the money in my account.
Thanks" - Jacqueline from VIC (Order No. A15442) 17-01-2011
"Very good service. Quick payment. Thank you." - Cinar from Qld (Order No. A13583) 16-01-2011
"WOW!! I'm impressed. So easy and quick to turn a couple of old phones sitting in the draw into CASH! I'm telling all my friends. Well done Mazuma!" - Damien from Vic (Order No. A17328) 16-01-2011
"Thankyou so much! Payment was received quickly and easily. The whole process was great. Will def. use again!" - Chiara from sa (Order No. A13434) 16-01-2011
"I found this transaction to be quick, reliable and hassle free
Thank you very much" - Gayle from Victoria (Order No. A13338) 15-01-2011
"Great service, great for the environment, and adds a little to the bank account. Better than just tossing the phones away. Process was very simple and quick." - Kyra from QLD (Order No. A13805) 15-01-2011
"I was thouroughly impressed with the service that you offered! I'd had my phone sitting in my draw for years! The whole service was extremely fast and no cost to me! Thankyou-anyone wondering...worth the shot!" - Britt from NSW (Order No. A14133) 14-01-2011
"WOW! I only sent my phone off on Monday and the money has already been deposited into my account in the same week. Everything Mazumamobile said they would do, they delivered. It couldn't have been easier. I wish I had some more old mobiles to send them. 10/10 for Mazumamobile. I will tell friends and family about this great service. " - Nicky from NSW (Order No. A15647) 14-01-2011
"Thankyou Mazuma, what an easy way to sell my mobile phone, its been a pleasure doing buisness" - julie from Qld (Order No. A13705) 14-01-2011
"Thanks guys, nice to get some cash back from my old phone. Great service, easy process, definatley recommend to friends and family. " - Gina from Vic (Order No. A15521) 14-01-2011
"Quite simply the best shopping experience I've had online or otherwise. Prompt, say as you do and assume once chq sent (notification received) will arrive as quick as the post bag did for the phones. 10+/10. Is there a chance you can expand to take over the business interests of Telstra??? - Thanks Will, we welcome working with all the carriers ;-), Maz -" - Will from Vic (Order No. A17072) 14-01-2011
"Thank you for great and fast service. Filled in form online, delivered goods same day, money in my bank account the next day. Have fun." - George from Vic (Order No. A17379) 14-01-2011
"The service was fantastic very easy to place order online and money was receied quickly. I am recommending this to everyone I know. Good work. " - Kathryn from nsw (Order No. A14207) 14-01-2011
"Fantastic,quick and easy" - Peita from NSW (Order No. A14490) 14-01-2011
"Great response to any questions I had, very fast payment...I received more money than I thought I would.Great company!!!I will be recommending them to my friends and family." - Melissa from Vic (Order No. A15373) 13-01-2011
"Received my cheque today, thanks. i think your idea is great, no one wants to have their old mobiles around the house - and to think i could get money for it!! Everything was really easy
and your continual correspondence was really helpful. Thanks once again" - susan from Vic (Order No. A14065) 13-01-2011
"Excellent service and very quick. You don't have the hassles that you get with Ebay. Excellent!!" - Adrian from NSW (Order No. A14461) 13-01-2011
"I thank you for the easy and quick way of selling my mobile - I am a very happy and satisfied customer and look forward to dealing with you in selling my next mobile. - Very happy with service, quick response and payment.
Christine" - Christine from Qld (Order No. A14965) 13-01-2011
"Very simple, very easy and extremely quick. I did 4 phones in one easy transaction. Took less than 5 minutes online. The no hassle postage was terrific. Have recommended to many friends to do the same.Thank you Mazuma, great solution!" - Collen from NSW (Order No. A14976) 13-01-2011
"Excellent service. Only took 1 week in total, from the online order to receiving payment. Emails were sent throughout the process to advise what was going on. Highly recommended service." - Jess from SA (Order No. A14981) 13-01-2011
"Hi very impressed with the Prompt service you provide" - Andrew from s.a (Order No. A14439) 13-01-2011
"Thanks for such an easy process, and keeping me up to date with my order! will absolutely use Mazuma again" - Emma from VIC (Order No. A15414) 13-01-2011
"Great service. The whole transaction was very quick and they informed me that 3 of the handsets I thought were not working they managed to get working and they paid me accordingly which resulted in an extra $70 for me. Thankyou very much Mazuma." - Michelle from Victoria (Order No. A14498) 12-01-2011
"Wow!! So quick and easy. Payment in less than a week....Im going to find more phones to sell before too many more people hear about you" - Jane from NSW (Order No. A14966) 12-01-2011
"I found Mazuma Mobile convenient, fast and easy to use. Thank you." - Martin from NSW (Order No. A13892) 12-01-2011
"mazuma il recommend you guys any day very fast posting and payment, in future if i have to sell my phone il be doing it through you thanx" - jason from vic (Order No. A15187) 12-01-2011
"Its a fast and easy way to turn you old phone to cash, the website is simple and easy to use, id deffinately use mazuma mobile to sell my old phone again. " - Daniel from Sa (Order No. A14010) 12-01-2011
"thank you heaps very fast" - heather from vic (Order No. A14105) 12-01-2011
"Dear Mazuma. Thank you so much for your efficent and fantastic service. Finally I have free cupboard space and some extra money. You have been true to your word in all that you say....THANK YOU AGAIN!!! " - Natali from NSW (Order No. A13713) 12-01-2011
"Thanks for the speedy and reliable service I would definately recommend this company to family and friends. I especially liked the emails updating me on the progress of my order that's a great idea and made me feel secure with deal. Thanks again kind regards, Martha James" - Martha - Jayne from n/a (Order No. AA13182) 12-01-2011
"What a great service. Can't wait for the check to arrive. I will definitely tell everyone I know about this." - John from Victoria (Order No. A15903) 12-01-2011
"Fantastic service have recommended it to others and will definitely deal with you again" - Jill from Victoria (Order No. A14501) 11-01-2011
"Excellent thanks a lot for
fixing a used phone problem. Well done. John" - John from NSW (Order No. A13784) 11-01-2011
"Thank you for making the process of selling my old mobile phone so easy! I'll happily recommend your service to my friends and will use you again in the future." - Bernadette from VIC (Order No. A14989) 11-01-2011
"Great service. In this tough economic time, it's nice to be able to get a few dollars for what you would normally just throw out. Will be recommending your company to my friends. Thank you." - Lorraine from QLD (Order No. A13216) 11-01-2011
"AMAZING!!! So great and honest! Will be dealing with you guys always! Thank you so much!

Bree :)" - Bree from QLD (Order No. A13330) 11-01-2011
"Great service, money was deposited in my account within 24 hours of you receiving my phone. Will recommend you to my friends. " - Ian from sa (Order No. A12997) 11-01-2011
"Great service, money was deposited in my account within 24 hours of you receiving my phone. Will recommend you to my friends. " - Ian from SA (Order No. A12996) 11-01-2011
"I enjoyed the proptness with the emails letting me know when i receive the items. i appreciate of what i needed to get my account started and i look forward to get more money from the you guys and know that i that the phones are not going into lnndfill. " - Terri from NSW (Order No. A14486) 11-01-2011
"Brilliant! I will be recommending to other people as you've been a pleasure to deal with." - Andrew from Victoria (Order No. A13657) 10-01-2011
"Love your service will be guaranteed to use it every single time I upgrade my mobile love it thank you so much" - Damian from Victoria (Order No. A12972) 10-01-2011
"Fantastic service, thank you so much. I have passed details to my friends & family, what an excellent concept, to be able to get rid of unwanted mobiles great. thanks again for your promptness with payment
Cheers Joan" - Joan from Vic (Order No. A13185) 10-01-2011
"very happy" - emma from NSW (Order No. A13180) 07-01-2011
"Hi mazuma team thankyou for being so helpful and friendly i will recommend you to all my friends and I WILL BE BACK lol til next time kind regards Emma" - emma from victoria (Order No. A14307) 07-01-2011
"The most honest genuine company I have ever dealt with.
Will deal with you many more times in the future.
Keep up the good work Mazuma... I am a very satisfied customer" - Nikki from QLD (Order No. A10708) 07-01-2011
"Very fast to receive welcome pack and from there was about 2 days to get the email of confirmation and 48 hours later the money was in my account.
would use mazuma again, thank you...very happy :)" - cassie from Vic (Order No. A13521) 07-01-2011
"Thanks Everything worked just as you said. I'll be letting my friends know.
Happy New Year
Mary" - Mary from VIC (Order No. A13942) 06-01-2011
"Big thankyou, this is the 4th mobile we have recycled through your service, well done. Appreciate the cash and better to have these phones recylcled than end up in landfill. The whole service is very easy to use and you keep customers up to date, Excellent. Regards
Diane" - diane from WA (Order No. A12720) 06-01-2011
"What an excellent service! We never would have known about you if we hadn't seen it on TV." - Robert from Vic (Order No. A13432) 05-01-2011
"Great fast service! Very happy with the communication and instructions given, and received payment fast! definitely will recommend to others! :)
Thank you!" - Pauline from SA (Order No. A12453) 04-01-2011
"wow guys, Im impressed the fast and friendly service you give is great, my brother used your service and recommended you, he gave a great review of you, and I have to say he was right, thanks so much for the great service and friendly phone manner, something that is missing in bussiness today. all the best for 2011 yay
Iris " - Iris from n/a (Order No. AA13092) 04-01-2011

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