Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Each month we receive positive feedback from many satisfied customers who have used Mazuma Mobile. Listed below are some of their testimonials.

February 2011

"Quick and easy to do. Money transferred to my account without any problems. Will recommend to family and friends.
Thank you." - Sue from SA (Order No. A26085) 28-02-2011
"best thing since sliced bread! i've told everyone i know about Mazuma, i think you are great!" - jeff from w.a. (Order No. A26269) 28-02-2011
"Absolutely brilliant service. Everything worked exactly as claimed. Easy, prompt & hassle free. Would happily recommend you with no reservations. Thank You." - Glenn from Victoria (Order No. A22774) 25-02-2011
"Great, efficient & fast service with all the directions needed to sell your mobile first time & everytime. " - James from New south wales (Order No. A26544) 25-02-2011
"Not pennies from heaven but dollars for Mazuma!

A perfect, simple and great way to turn moeny into cash.

Sell your old phone to fund your new one!

Upgrade your phone now by selling your old one to mazuma!

Well done Muzuma a great service simple to use, fair and very quick." - Michael from Victoria (Order No. A27027) 25-02-2011
"Hi i found your service excellent well done i am very happy cheers jenine" - Jenine from n/a (Order No. AA25767) 25-02-2011
"i cant believe how easy and fast it was if ever i have any other phones to sell you will be the people i will come to !!!!" - ashley from Adelaide (Order No. A25594) 24-02-2011
"Mazuma were great to deal with, so easy, wish I had another old phone." - STEVE from qld (Order No. A24606) 24-02-2011
"Mazuma Mobile was very fast throughout the whole sale. Very pleased with Mazuma." - Elizabeth from NSW (Order No. A25207) 24-02-2011
"A pleasure to deal with have now sold 2 mobiles at very reasonable prices with a very fast transaction
Keep up the great work" - adam from n/a (Order No. AA25593) 24-02-2011
"I found the whole process very straight forward, the instructions were easy to follow and it was only a couple of days before the reply paid bag arrived and then it only took about 7 days from when I sent the package to when I received the cheque. Thank you for helping me to declutter." - Ellen from SA (Order No. A24131) 24-02-2011
"Thankyou for your prompt payment for the phones that i sent you i would recommend you to my friends anytime.Both my dealings with you have been of high standard THANKYOU " - RAELENE from SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Order No. A24112) 23-02-2011
"thank you so much :)" - joanne from new south wales (Order No. A7674) 23-02-2011
"great service, clear precise instructions...fantastic oppoprtunity for people to take advantage of...thanks mazuma" - jason from victoria (Order No. A26566) 23-02-2011
"Fantastic service, was extremely simple and painless. Great work!!" - Garrick from wa (Order No. A25618) 23-02-2011
"thank you for taking my mobile phone " - john from N.S.W (Order No. A26186) 23-02-2011
"Quick and reliable.

will definantly use again " - Marko from New South Wales (Order No. A26041) 23-02-2011
"This is a wonderful service that helped me so much... I was short on cash and had some old phones lying around. Keep up the good work :)" - Ashley from Victoria (Order No. A26276) 23-02-2011
"WOW! how easy was that- Phone posted from Sydney on Friday Funds transferred on Tuesday. Thanks Mazuma " - Ian from nsw (Order No. A26007) 22-02-2011
"it was so easy and hassel free i will use you again and also tell all my friends about it as well better than throwing them away" - craig from queensland (Order No. A25685) 22-02-2011
"Fantastic service, really impressed sale done and money received within less that 1 week. Highly recommend" - Joshau from Victoria (Order No. A25730) 22-02-2011
"Very efficient and quick. My cheque's in the mail. Highly reccomended to make money from a phone that was just sitting in the draw and was probabaly going to be thrown out. " - Mario from Vic (Order No. A25420) 21-02-2011
"thanks alot !!!!!
will use u agian " - chris from Queensland (Order No. A24823) 21-02-2011
"Your service is very efficient and I will recommend your company of my friends and family." - Kelly from nsw (Order No. A24452) 21-02-2011
"You guy's are great,the response and service were unreal Thank you." - Reg from Qld (Order No. A22963) 20-02-2011
"thankyou for good transaction" - andrew from nsw (Order No. A23751) 17-02-2011
"Most impressive service to get something for unwanted mobiles, prompt payment and one very happy customer! Many thanks. Jon Anthony" - Jon from NSW (Order No. A23997) 17-02-2011
"Money for my old phone, sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Money received fast. Thanks for a pain free experience. Pleasantly surprised, will use Mazuma again and recommend to others. Thanks again." - Jess from n/a (Order No. AA23484) 16-02-2011
"Great service, quick and easy. Communication was excellent and I particularly liked the ability to chat live to an advisor on the website. " - carolyn from WA (Order No. A23461) 16-02-2011
"Fantastic quick response Kept up to date with emails Very pleased with everything" - Viv from WA (Order No. A22402) 16-02-2011
"I would like to thank Mazuma for a very simple yet lucrative transaction. These phones have been floating around the house doing nothing, now you have given me some cash to buy something nice for my wife. A simple and easy way of recycling, I thank you and I have told many friends about your efficient services, I feel many of them will take the same opportunity to get rid of the old phones, once again, thanks for your help.

Best regards
Richard McArthur" - Richard from n/a (Order No. Aumber A2482) 16-02-2011
"Great service quick easy realy happy" - darryl from n/a (Order No. AA25148) 16-02-2011
"Very easy process, prompt service, simple to follow and nice rewards!!!

Great idea and wish mazuma all the best!!!

Thank you!" - Amanda from NSW (Order No. A23993) 15-02-2011
"Wow... Great prompt service. I'm just waiting now for the money to be put in to my account. Will definitely recommend to all my friends. Just a thought - how about creating a Facebook page ! { thanks Louise - we look forward to seeing oyu on facebook too ;-) , Maz}" - Louise from South Australia (Order No. A23972) 15-02-2011
"Hey Guys,
Thank you so much for the fast,efficient and reliable service you provide. Much appreciated." - ASTBURY from N.S.W. (Order No. A24283) 15-02-2011
"Awesome Service. Quick, easy & efficient transaction. I'll recommend you to everyone. Thanks!!" - MARCO from victoria (Order No. A21487) 14-02-2011
"Prompt in receiving postage bag and prompt communication with advising of payment into my account.
" - leanne from victoria (Order No. A24534) 14-02-2011
"Very easy process and rapid response. Constant communication given so I was up to date with where the process was at all times. Wish other companies I deal with where as responsive and customer friendly. Thanks!" - Lynden from Victoria (Order No. A23982) 12-02-2011
"Hey! I just wanted to say that, you guys are so easy to use. Your fast, your simple and it's great to do somthing like this and it not be complicated, so many companies would complicate a process like this. I would recommend you to anyone! A pleasure working with you! My old phone is in good hands. " - Poppy from Victoria (Order No. A23217) 12-02-2011
"This is my second experience with mazuma and it is as positive as my previous one. I will highly recommend you to my family and friends. Many thanks, Maged" - Maged from NSW (Order No. A22941) 12-02-2011
"Fast and user friendly" - Amanda from NSW (Order No. A22400) 11-02-2011
"Great system, it was a pleasure doing business with Mazuma." - Nick from nsw (Order No. A21767) 11-02-2011
"hi what can i say
i sent the phones on monday 7th feb
money in my bank thursday 10th feb
fantastic communication,service,prompt payment u guys are great
thankyou very much
dean" - dean from vic (Order No. A21250) 10-02-2011
"well i must say pleasantly surprised this is a very honest site.they paid me correctly and promptly.
excellent company to deal with..very happy" - john from victoria (Order No. A22123) 10-02-2011
"wow that got processed really really quick. this site should have been running for years. that way we can recycle or reuse old phones. top site and thanks for taking my old phone off my hands!!! keep it real" - zac from n/a (Order No. A28074) 10-02-2011
"Amazed. You guys made it SO easy & simple, I can't believe how quick it all happened. Thanks so much! I'll be recommending you to all!! :D" - Amanda from Western Australia (Order No. A23199) 09-02-2011
"Mazuma is so reliable, quick and a great way to get rid of old mobiles. I have never been so impressed by the speed and reliability of a company. I was very happy with the amount I received for my mobile. I have told all my family and friends about Mazuma and they are now sending their mobiles in too! Keep up the great work!!" - Nicole from Vic (Order No. A22172) 08-02-2011
"I think this website is great because you can get money for your old mobiles, which I find a great idea. The process was really fast and simple and the process of sending the mobile is also easy." - Stacey from South Australia (Order No. A22646) 08-02-2011
"One of the most professional,efficent organisations I have ever dealt with. I was kept up to date with an email through every step and timeframes were spot on! Thank you." - Melanie from WA (Order No. A19694) 07-02-2011
"Thanks for the fast response times and service /communication.
I will happily recommend your services to all my friends!
" - thao from SA (Order No. A21011) 07-02-2011
"Fantastic! Great communication, quick processing and easy to follow instructions!" - Val from Victoria (Order No. A21488) 07-02-2011
"great service. being a computer technician i will recommend this service to all my clients" - toby from WA (Order No. A20687) 07-02-2011
"Great company that provides a great service. Fast, reliable. Highly recommend to all my friends and family. Well done :)" - Sarah from Qld (Order No. A21059) 06-02-2011
"Prices are brilliant.
Website is easy and simple to follow.
Postage was also made simple.
10/10 rating for me.
Thinking about buying friends old phones and selling them on Mazuma to make some money :)" - Scott from NSW (Order No. A21645) 05-02-2011
"fast and effective service very very happy i think you will have a very good customer service based buisness thankyou very much for your help" - Reece from Queensland (Order No. A16339) 04-02-2011
"The whole process from placing order to receiving payment was a week! Considering that involved 2 lots of postage and payment clearing, that had me VERY impressed.

Every part of the process has been easy and friendly (from replying to questions posted on your site to when I called with a question and got great customer service again!

I work in Customer Loyalty a Telstra so highly value good honest service. It sounds like you have a very finely tuned business model powered by passionate and dedicated staff.

Thank you for making the process so easy, I'll be sure to spread the wor" - Nick from South Australia (Order No. A21242) 03-02-2011
"I just wanted to pass on how very impressed I have been with your business - quick, professional, friendly and so easy to use. Despite my iPhone going missing in the post on the back to Mazuma, which I had accepted would mean I'd receive nothing for it due to the bad luck and loss, I was amazed and grateful that Mazuma paid me nonetheless. This showed exceptional service, trust and professionalism.I hope it may have arrived, or may still arrive. Perhaps recent TV coverage means people now recognise the name/package, what's inside and pinch it? Anyway, thank you and best wishes. Micha" - Michael from VIC (Order No. A18852) 02-02-2011
"I was a bit skeptical about sending 2 phones in the supplied prepaid envelope. OMG this was sooo easy from start to finish. All instructions from start to finish are in super plain english. Emails are sent to you at every stage and magically the money appears. I'm so excited and will recommend to my family and friends. Thankyou so much Mazuma!!!" - Sharri from Tas (Order No. A19907) 02-02-2011
"Excellent service and plan on using your service again.
Originally planned on selling old phones on ebay, but your service is outstanding, and will definitely be recommended to all!" - Luke from South Australia (Order No. A20520) 02-02-2011
"To be honest I was hesitant at first to use Mazuma's as I didn't feel that comfortable sending off all of my phones to people I don't know and wondering if I would in fact receive money for the phones I had sent. I would like to thank the team at Mazuma's for their professionalism and for making every step of this process so streamlined. I will definitely tell all my friends about this excellent service...Thank you." - Leisa from NSW (Order No. A20891) 02-02-2011
"I thought it was too good to be true when I seen the add on TV. I am quite ammazed on how easy and quick the transaction is. And to think I was going to give my phone to my nieces to use for a toy. Could not be happier. Thank you. " - Rebecca from Vic (Order No. A18735) 02-02-2011
"Thanks for the prompt reply and a very pleasing way to do business
regards Don Wilson" - Don from South Australia (Order No. A20886) 01-02-2011
"Thankyou for your quick response of payment and postage for me to send the mobile to you, 'will pass your number onto everyone for your service" - RAELENE from SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Order No. A18632) 01-02-2011
"Very Awsome service great ppl who call you Awsome company :) " - Joshua from nsw (Order No. A21063) 01-02-2011
"I can't believe how simple the whole process was. Sometimes you wonder when things are too good to be true, they usually are but in this case. They are true. Nothing but impressed with the service and process. Well done to all at Mazuma." - Maurice from NSW (Order No. A17867) 01-02-2011
"Very simple, quick and easy process. Would definitely recommend Mazuma." - Joanne from NSW (Order No. A20014) 01-02-2011
"Hastle free experience, competitive prices offered without the messing around as would be experienced on ebay etc. very happy Thanks " - Christiaan from NSW (Order No. A20114) 01-02-2011

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