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iPhone 8 Trade-In

Do you have an unused iPhone 8 you think is no longer valuable? Or are you intrigued to buy the latest iPhone and wondering if your old handset can earn you some quick cash? Well, the iPhone 8 trade-in service is all you need. Mazuma Mobile can help you get rid of an old phone in return for monetary compensation. When you sell your iPhone to us, your handset finds a new home while you contribute to sustainable recycling. With Mazuma, you can trade-in all kinds of Apple devices such as iPhone X, Apple Watch, or Apple iPad in a convenient way.

How does the iPhone 8 trade-in work?

With Apple trade-in service, all you have to do is answer a few questions to get a quick estimate value of the phone. If the device is not eligible for credit, you can enjoy free Apple recycle. However, you may not get good compensation and Apple tends to undervalue the device and pay less than the amount offered by phone recycling service providers. Why trade-in your valuable device for a lower cost when you can get a high amount of compensation for it?

If you choose iPhone 8 trade-in with Mazuma Mobile, a mobile recycling company, you will get a better deal and you will pay less for the new device. If you compare the iPhone 8 trade-in value with official services, you will notice that they do not pay the right amount for the device. Mazuma Mobile is Australia’s highly trusted and popular mobile device recycling service provider. We are known for the best services for iPhone recycle and iPad recycle.

We have paid several customers for their devices and have won awards as the best recycling service in Australia. We are proud to say that we offer more money than any other recycling service provider across the globe. We strive for customer satisfaction and loyalty and we ensure that you get the best price for your device without having to pay anything for it. The iPhone 8 trade-in process is simple and easy. You only have to follow a few steps and receive a good amount of money for your phone. The sale is easy and will only take a few minutes. You need to register the sale by searching for your device to see how much it is worth. You can choose the payment system and enter the details. You can then choose to opt for a local DPD drop off shop or request a Sales Pack. You now need to send the device within 14 days and we will pay you the same day we receive your device. No delay, no excuses.

How much is a trade-in value for iPhone 8?

The value for each device depends on certain factors like the condition of the device, model, and product design. However, we can still help you know the value of iPhone 8 you want to recycle. All you need to do is provide information about the design and condition of the device in terms of good, poor and faulty, and we will tell you the amount of cash you can earn from iPhone trade-in. If you are satisfied with the iPhone 8 trade-in value, you can send your device to us.

How do I prepare my iPhone 8 for trade-in?

You need to prepare for iPhone 8 trade-in and before you send the phone to us, you need to back up the files to iCloud and remove all the personal information from the phone. We have a free data delete tool that will help delete the personal data on your phone within minutes. Provide us with your email address and model number to receive step by step instructions to delete the information from your phone. Remove the SIM card and the memory card from the phone before shipping it to us, if you fail to do so, we will not be liable if the cards are lost. We need you to insert the battery in your phone and ensure it is switched off. Then pack the phone and the delivery note in the postal bag. Ensure that it is sealed properly.

Additionally, we only require your phone and the battery, you do not need to send the charger or any other accessories to us. You can send as many phones as you would like to. Once we receive your phone, it will go through the WEEE Treatment Facility for screening and reuse. Based on the type of phone and its condition, we will distribute it to one of our reuse partners. The phone will get a brand new life and it will find a new home.

Our service will allow you to own a brand new phone and easily sell broken iPhone. Whether you want to sell iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or sell iPhone X, and purchase a new phone, contact Mazuma mobile for the best deals and prices. We are happy to guide you at each stage and we promise to offer the highest rates in the market.